Are we a fit?

I've only worked with good, professional people over the years. And. Because life is short...I want to keep it that way. Would we work well together? You tell me...

I only work with Professional Like Minds...You?

If the following are eye-rollingly obvious to you... then we're likely a fit. And would work very well together!

“It is mutual trust, even more than mutual interest, that holds human associations together.”
H. L. Mencken

Check #1: You only work with dependable, professional freelancers

Because you’re dependable and a pro…
  • You return calls and emails. You do what you say you’re going to do. You expect the same from the copywriters you work with.
  • You give enough time for a freelance copywriter to do their best work. Sure, you have rush jobs now and then, who doesn’t? And you appreciate it when a copywriter steps up. But you generally don’t like working that way.
  • You give clear direction and plenty of background. You expect copywriters to listen, ask for what they need – and then go above and beyond. But you don't expect them to read your mind.
  • You don’t exploit the little guy. When you have your final copy in hand, you promptly pay the balance. It's the way you roll. Win-win.
  • You respect others' time. You don’t expect copywriters to be on call at odd hours. Unless you’ve agreed to chat in advance. But you do appreciate someone who will jump in (because sometimes stuff happens).

Check #2: You're truthful and a straight-shooter

You may think this is a no-brainer. But there are Black Hats out there...
  • No hidden fees or bait and switch
  • No get rich quick schemes, or inflated promises or results
  • No dubious financial claims that will land the FTC or financial regulators on your doorstep
  • No phony proof or testimonials or other shady marketing practices
  • No hiding how your business works, or burying the sticky truth in the fine print, and
  • No manipulating people to spend their last dime or max out their 30% interest credit card to work with you. Sorry. That's just ick.

Check #3: You want your copy to sell - and build trust.

Slick, hype-filled copy isn't for you. You're interested in:
  • Conversational copywriting - instead of vacant chatter
  • Plain language - instead of painful jargon, legalese and Corporate Speak
  • Being candid - instead of dancing around
  • Well-researched, credible proof - instead of inflated promises
  • Stepping into your customer's world' - instead of talking "at" them about you

Check #4: You see sales copywriting as an investment… not an expense

And you’d rather work with a writer who charges a bit more, than take a chance on the cheap.

You may have learned the hard way: you get what you pay for.

You don’t always need a pricey “rock star” copywriter or consultant.

You're willing to pay fairly. You want no sneaky invoice surprises.

But cheaping out on your sales copy? That's a risk you're not willing to take...

Have I stated the obvious?

Then we might be a fit! Keep in mind that I work on the business side (not consumer). But sometimes personality fit is just as important. If you like my approach, I'd love to chat...


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