B2B Marketers

I work with B2B marketers and B2B sales consultants who want to work with a copywriter who gets B2B. And who need sales copy that's professional – and compelling.

Ready to up-level your sales copy?

If you know that your sales materials aren't up to par. And you want your prospects to more quickly “get” why you're different, I can help.

B2B selling is different

What you're selling is high-priced. Quite possibly technical. Your sales cycle is long, taking months to convert leads into paying clients.

You may be locked into a company's vendor procurement process. Or asked to provide a dizzying array of company and product information.

  • Strategic information for C-suite executives
  • Responses to 50-page RFPs
  • Short-list presentations
  • Technical product specs, and more.

You may scramble to give presentations. Wait for weeks in silence. Then quickly be asked to respond to unexpected changes as the sales process unfolds.

You may have (literally) a bag full of sales materials...

But they don't fit together. And you're not sure if you're getting your message across.

In the field, you may be inconsistent... because your sales team is creating their own sales materials on the fly.

As a marketer, you know you need to do better.

Three copywriting mistakes B2B firms make

Here are some glaring copywriting mistakes I see all too often:

ONE: Using industry jargon and “Corporate Speak” instead of getting real and using plain language

TWO: Not naming the prospect's problems or “pain” – before pushing the product

THREE: Describing product features – without product benefits. i.e. not answering: “Why should I care?“

How I can help

I’ve been a plain language specialist since 1999. I get the complexity of B2B selling. And I'm also trained to write professional sales copy.

I can help you avoid the biggest mistakes other B2B firms make. Clearly present your offer. Tell your story in an engaging way.

And help your best customers “get” why you're different.

My experience at-a-glance

I'm an hour from Toronto, Canada. But I've worked with clients in Canada and the United States. And if you're outside North America, it's not a problem. Here's me-at-a glance:

  • MBA from the Rotman School of Management in Toronto, Canada
  • Plain language specialist since 1999 (unraveling Monster documents for Mere Mortals)
  • AWAI Verified direct response (sales) copywriter.
Please don't be put off by my sales writing...

Yes, I also write those long-winded sales letters. Hey, I've written fiction and non-fiction as well. But the bulk of my experience has been in a professional setting. So please be assured that the writing I deliver to you will be appropriate – for you and your industry. Testimonials

Industries I'm familiar with

With background, I can get up to speed quickly. And here are some of the areas I've served:

  • Professional services
  • Individual insurance
  • Group insurance, benefits and pensions
  • Pharmaceutical marketing and drug market access
  • Investments and retirement planning
  • Real estate investing, mortgages and financing.

If you think I might be able to help improve your sales copy.

Help your prospects breathe a sigh of relief when they receive written communication from you – I'd be delighted to hear from you.

Wondering if I can
help? Let's chat...


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