Consulting services

I offer consulting services to B2B marketers, direct and information marketers and plain language enthusiasts who want a fresh eye. And advice they can actually use.

What kind of consulting services do you need?

Critique package

Critique packages help you “kick-start” your sales copy, technical document, web site – or suite of sales materials. At a reasonable, flat-fee.

Custom consulting

Customized consulting helps you plan or prioritize where to invest next in your communications. With a plan to make it happen.

Consulting. It sounds scary expensive, right?

It doesn’t have to be. At its best, consulting is a great way to clarify your direction before making a significant investment. Or kick-start your in-house team with fresh ideas, and an objective eye.

What kind of consulting are you interested in?

I offer Discovery consulting, flat-fee Critique packages and Custom consulting.

Discovery: the first step in the writing process

When you work with a freelance writer, you don’t just call them up and say “go write”. That’s a recipe for disaster.

That’s why I include some Discovery consulting in every copywriting quote.

A thoughtful Discovery session makes sure we get going on the right foot. So that working together is seamless. And so we create exactly what you need.

Before our Discovery session, I’ll ask you for some background materials.

During your session, I might ask you about:

  • Your short and long-term goals and objectives (and where your project fits in)
  • How you want to measure results
  • Your competition, and how you’re different
  • Your challenges, how you're planning to fix them
  • Any customer research you’ve done
  • What you know about the people on your list, or lists you'll be using
  • Your customer experience and sales process, from first sign up to sale
  • Your current clients and your dream bullseye client
  • Where you're getting your leads, conversion rates, what's working, what's not
  • Your current writing style, and how your voice is working for you (or not), or
  • How you prefer to work with copywriters, and what you expect from them.

I’ll only ask questions that make sense for you. There may be more or less than above.

Critique consulting packages

Flat-fee Critiques are great when you could use an objective eye on a sales letter, sales package, email campaign, or tehnical document. But want to limit your risk.

Critiques can be helpful for a draft in progress. Or for your existing copy or web site, before you invest big bucks.

What you get when you hire me for a Critique

We agree on the cost of your Critique up front. Note that when you hire me to do a Critique, I don't do any editing or re-writing.

You will get detailed notes inserted in your (Word or PDF) document that'll five you practical feedback, such as:

  • What’s working, what’s not
  • What’s missing and why
  • Detailed suggestions on how to fix writing, organization or design issues
  • Ways to improve your offer, or call to action.

You'll have practical suggestions you can run with. No Consultant Speak – I promise.

Sales copy critique

Want ways to improve an existing sales page or sales letter? I will pour through your copy line-by-line, making comments based on what I know about copywriting and plain language writing. You’ll learn what’s working, what’s not and why. Plus what’s missing. And you’ll get detailed suggestions to consider as you re-vamp or strengthen your sales copy.

Plain language critique

Want a plain language review of a technical document? I’ll give you specific ways you can simplify your content, based on the best practices of plain language writing. You’ll get direction on organization and flow, writing style, and information design. You'll learn what sections of the document need work – and which are working well.

Web site critique

Want a fresh eye before you invest big bucks in your web site? I’ll pour through each page, taking on the eyes of you customer. You’ll receive comments and suggestions on your site’s navigation. Plus ideas on how to connect, based on what I know about copy that builds trust. And copy that gets the action you're looking for.

Note: This Critique is for companies who sell directly from their web sites, or who sell a B2B product or service. I don’t comment on your branding strategy, USP, web technology or SEO.

B2B Sales “suite” critique

Want a comprehensive assessment of your suite of B2B sales materials? I will inventory your materials, and make detailed comments and recommendations to improve clarity and persuasion. You’ll get recommendations on the organization of your materials, consistency, writing style, what’s working and what’s missing. If you have competitive materials on hand, I can include comments on how you measure up.

Note: I am not an expert in your industry. So I don’t comment on your marketing or branding strategy, product features, USP or technology.

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quote for a Critique?


Customized consulting

Sometimes, spending a bit on consulting up front can actually be less expensive than hiring a freelance copywriter from the get-go.

And then figuring out half-way through that you’ve headed in the wrong direction.

An objective fresh eye, ideas – and a plan

When you hire me for custom consulting, we’ll set your goals and objectives and agree on a fee for the work.

I can help with your questions that are big picture and laser-focused.

We’ll explore your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges – and vision. Generate new ideas to help you grow. And help you decide on your logical next steps.

No matter how you choose to work with me, you’ll get practical tips in plain English. Refreshingly free of eye-rolling Consultant Speak.

Customized consulting might be for you if you’re wondering...

About your big picture
  • How should I position my firm (or product) in the marketplace?
  • How can I sharpen my USP or value proposition?
  • Am I in the right niche?
  • Do I have the right marketing messages – for every stage of my sales cycle?
  • How can I improve customer experience (using communication)?
  • Which products should I be investing in – and which should I let go of?
  • How can I find my most powerful marketing voice?
  • How can I create additional revenue?
  • Should I create an information product?
About a specific issue
  • How can I improve my marketing messages?
  • How can I build a large, profitable email list?
  • How can I rejuvenate sales on my existing list?
  • How can I capture more e-mails, from leads, prospects – or existing customers?
  • How can I increase conversions on my web site or landing page?
  • How can I create more sales from my newsletter?
  • Do I need a white paper – and if so, what kind?
  • How can I grow my “back end” sales?
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