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Welcome! You’ve found a plain language consultant and direct response copywriter in Toronto, Canada. A writing pro who helps insurance, legal, financial and online businesses unravel complexity – and build trust.

Does your copy attract your best customers?

The "5 Minute Sales Copy Diagnostic" reveals the biggest gaps in your sales copy. And the specific copywriting strategies you can use to fix them.

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Are you an insurance, financial, legal or B2B pro who needs help to Just Simplify – or Simplify and Sell?

You need copy. The way you sell using words.

You want to speak directly to your best customers.

You want to your message to be crystal-clear.

But your existing copy just isn't cutting it.

It's time for a change.

You're just not sure where to start. Or who can help.

You do know this…

Hypey, huckster sales copy isn’t for you.

And neither is mind-numbing Corporate Speak.

Good so far?

Now imagine your best customer. Their beliefs, dreams… world.

Every single one of them has the same secret yearning...

They want a company who gets them.

Who will be straight with them.

They want to do business with someone they can trust.

Sense where we're headed?


Extra Sensory Selling can help you create copy that’s a one-way bridge between you and your best customers.


Resonates with your bullseye customer’s Beliefs, Emotions and Senses (just the right mix).


Positions your offer as the next logical step toward solving their problems and achieving their desires.

Before your customers will buy what you Sell
…they must buy what you Say.

  • Simplify complexity so readers "get" your message and why you're different
  • Attract and keep the attention of your best prospects
  • Persuade more readers to take the next step in the sales process
  • Comply with regulations, keeping your legal team happy too, and
  • Build trust – and demonstrate your difference.

My Writing Mantra

Simplify. Get real. Be More Human.

Wondering if Extra Sensory Selling can help?

I’m Karen M. Black, MBA, plain language consultant and direct response copywriter. A Canadian, working near Toronto. And the creator of Extra Sensory Selling.

For two decades, I’ve unravelled complex forms and documents as a plain language writer and consultant in the benefit and pension, insurance, B2B, and financial industries. I’ve had the pleasure of working with world-class companies and communication consultancies in Canada and the United States.

I'm also an AWAI Verified direct response copywriter. A student of AWAI's Secrets of Writing Blockbuster Financial Market Controls. And I get the needs of large information marketers.

What this means is that I can help you clearly articulate your message. Demonstrate your difference. And create sales copy that not only sells – but builds trust.


You know you’re the Real Deal.
Now let's reflect that in your copy…

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