Direct Response Copywriting

I offer direct response copywriting and consulting services to direct marketers and information marketers. Pros who want their copy to not only connect and convert. But build trust.

Extra Sensory Selling can help you create copy that's a one-way bridge between you and your best customers.


Resonates with your bullseye customer's Beliefs, Emotions and Senses (just the right mix).


Positions your offer as the next logical step toward solving their problems and achieving their desires.

Is this you?

Are you a pro direct marketer or information marketer? Do you sell a financial, insurance or business-related product or service?

Do you need help creating copy that sells – without selling your soul?

Are you at the stage where:

  • You have a product or service ready to sell, and
  • A list that you’re using, and
  • You need a copywriter who “gets” direct response copywriting?

What I bring to the table

I’m an AWAI Verified copywriter, a Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Information Marketers, and a student of AWAI’s How to Write Blockbuster Financial Market Controls.

My natural copywriting style is persuasive and conversational. No sneaky, inflated promises or aggressive hype. I create copy that not only connects and converts – but builds trust.

For 20 years, I’ve also worked as a plain language consultant with a financial, insurance and B2B specialty. So I’m super detailed. And love unraveling complex content for Mere Mortals. Testimonials

Direct response copywriting services

I can help you create compelling sales copy, emails and content that connects and converts.

Sales copy

I’m an AWAI Verified copywriter who’s trained to write web copy and copy for print direct mail.

My copywriting services include research and positioning. Plus writing the whole shebang… from sign-up to sale.

  • Landing pages, squeeze pages
  • Sales pages, sales letters
  • Response cards, envelopes, lift notes, gates, buckslips
  • Order pages, forms and copy that supports your sign-up or sales process.

Email marketing

Do you drop the ball on your follow-up? I can help you create engaging emails that your readers will look forward to. And that will help you:

  • Increase conversions
  • Rejuvenate sales in your existing list
  • Welcome and educate new customers
  • Deliver a course by email… and more.

Content marketing and storytelling

If you need one blog article written for $50, I’m not your gal. But I can help if you want to dig deep to tell your story, demonstrate your difference or deliver valuable content through:

  • Special reports and "bait" pieces
  • A strategic series of articles
  • Information products
  • White papers and case studies
  • Newsletters… and more.
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More for ambitious information marketers…

I’m a Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Information Marketers. And as Dan points out, the copywriting needs of information marketers are different.

The core of your business is information. And your product "universe" is interconnected. You may need copy that generates leads, and also compels existing customers to "ascend" to higher-priced products and services.

So you may have a free newsletter at the base of your pyramid. Then a paid book next level up. Then a $497 information product. Group coaching. Membership site. VIP coaching. You get the idea.

And… if you're a serious information marketer, you may strategically purchase lists to sell online and offline. To you, print is not dead.

Are you The Brand? If so, your copy must also nail your voice and your personality.

What general copywriters don't get about you

If you’re an information marketer, your copy must not only connect and convert directly.

But offers to sign-up or buy related products or services must be seeded throughout your content... like this big ol' magnetic net.

I can help you write sales copy – and also deliver your content

As a Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Information Marketers, I can help you write direct response copy that sells. Plus I can help you create:

  • Bait pieces
  • Special reports
  • White papers, and
  • Information products.

Do you organize and market events? I can help you there too. Years ago, I spent some time working for a professional conference company. I created conference topics, got speakers on board and wrote direct mail brochures.

Will I be able to write in your voice?

My natural copywriting style is what you see on this site. Warm, conversational. But I definitely have some flexibility. I can ramp it up or tone it down.

Put it this way. If I don’t think I can nail your voice and personality, I’d let you know up front so you don’t waste your time. Fair enough?

On a personal note, I just love information marketing. It’s one of those industries that's huge, but under the radar. I sure didn't learn about it in my MBA. And it’s brilliant.

If you aren't an information marketer (yet) but are intrigued by this business, I suggest reading Robert Skrob's book Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing. It's a solid place to start.

About my name-drop of Dan Kennedy

Yes, I'm a Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Information Marketers. But it would be crazy to think that Dan is responsible for my work. To (understandably) protect himself, Dan requires me to prominently publish the following:

The Dan Kennedy Copywriter for Info-Marketers Certification is awarded to professional copywriters who have successfully completed a course of study of preparation for such copywriting. This Certification has not been provided by an accredited education institution. It does not constitute endorsement of or liability for any individual copywriter by Mr. Kennedy or any companies or organizations affiliated with Mr. Kennedy. The client's relationship is solely with the individual copywriter retained via any agreement.

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Helpful add-on services

When you hire me for writing or consulting services, there are other things I can help you with too. Here’s a peek.

SEO writing and optimization

Need some keyword research or SEO optimization? Need some SEO writing that doesn’t sound like a repetitious fool wrote it? I can get it done. I’ve had two SEO-optimized web sites myself and have attracted more than 5,000 subscribers in a small, obscure market. Without paying one red cent for advertising. Should more of your customers be finding you online? You tell me…

HTML friendly

I’m not an HTML expert, but I know just enough to be dangerous (and make changes to your pages without mucking up the code). I also work with a trusted web programmer who is an expert. And can deliver your copy ready to go in .html. Tickety boo.

Work with your designer

I’ve been involved in every area of communications work, so I can take your copy as far as you want me to go. If you want me to hand off your copy, and you run with it - fab. And if you want me to work with your designers and make sure it’s laid out (in web or print) for the best possible response. Proofed and ready to flip the switch – I can get it done.

Direct response design

Want me to take care of the design as well? I will happily work with your designer to layout your copy, in your existing sales page templates. Or, I can coordinate with a trusted designer to your copy out using the proven principles of direct response design. Note that I’m not an agency or an expert in DM design – but I get the basics. With your past projects to study and some direction – I’m good.

“Kitchen sink” help for ongoing clients only

Over the years, I’ve managed communication projects with many moving parts. I’ve slaved over RFPs. Created $100K quotes on spreadsheets. I’ve done project management. I’ve shown up in person at printer to check proofs in the middle of the night. Good times. However, I’ve gotta be honest. My love is for the writing and consulting. But if I can offer relief to a favourite, overwhelmed client by taking the reigns (for a time), I’m happy to do so.

So you know, I don’t write for:

  • Consumer goods, beauty, celebrity, health and fitness, or multi-level-marketing (MLM) copy
  • Branding copy, tag lines, marketing copy that doesn't sell directly
  • Traditional “here’s who we are and what we do” brochures that don't sell directly
  • Super duper technical writing, such as equipment manuals or software instructions
  • Corporate communications, investor relations, press releases
  • Social medial marketing, content marketing, blog or magazine articles (except for an ongoing client, then maybe)
  • Anything that’s “grey or black hat” – you know who you are.
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