B2B Copywriting Services

I offer B2B copywriting services to marketers who who want their prospects to more quickly “get” why they're different. Through compelling white papers, case studies, presentations and more.

I offer two types of B2B copywriting services

Simplify and Sell

I help you craft copy that clearly explains what you offer. How you stand up to competitors. And why you’re a great choice.

Just Simplify

I skip the sales pitch and clarify your strengths and product features. For when your goal is to be precise - and crystal clear.

B2B copywriting services

The challenge of B2B copywriting is providing the right information to the right audience. Selling, without hype. And simplifying without losing technical precision.

B2B sales cycles are long. At first, you're one of many. Then if you do well, you're short-listed. At every stage, you're asked to provide detailed information about your business, tailored for different audiences.

You may need writing designed to generate leads, answer the RFP questions for a rigid vendor procurement department, present a compelling short-list presentation for a committee, or submit technical product specs to analysts.

Whatever you need, I get the complexity of B2B sales.

And I can help you plan, write and re-purpose engaging sales copy for a variety of audiences:

  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Presentations
  • Product specs and more.

B2B communication consulting services

Consulting doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, a bit of consulting can help you think through your options up front and potentially avoid mistakes.

Personally, I can't stnd Consultant Speak. I much prefer discussing your real issues - and offering concise, practical ideas you can act on.

A Sales Copy Critique might be all you need. Or if you're looking at broader changes, a B2B Sales “Suite” Critique might fit the bill.

During a consulting assignment, I might ask you about:
  • Your short and long-term objectives
  • Your clients, client segments, and your sales priorities
  • The steps involved and length of your sales cycle
  • Your competition and how you’re different
  • Your challenges and how you're planning to fix them
  • Any client research you’ve done
  • Common customer questions and objections
  • Any sales team, call centre or administrator research you've done
  • When you land a new client - How you support them with communication.

Of course, I’ll only ask questions that make sense for you. They'll vary depending on what you've hired me for. And there may be more or less than above.

Three peculiar things about me

ONE: I’m a recovering perfectionist
TWO: I like unraveling complexity, and
THREE: If I can’t do a great job for you, I’ll turn down the work.

So don’t wonder.
If you're not sure if I can help… just ask. More on my consulting services.

Other things I can help with

I’ve worn a few hats over the years. When you hire me for copywriting or consulting services, there are other ways I can help, too:

  • SEO writing and optimization
  • Deliver in HTML
  • Conduct client interviews or research
  • Work with your designer (for ongoing clients)
  • Manage complex revisions (for ongoing clients).

So you know, I don’t do:

  • Branding or marketing strategy (but if you’re clear on your difference, have a strategy and need help articulating it, I can help!)
  • Heavy-duty technical writing, such as equipment manuals or software instructions
  • Corporate communications, investor relations, press releases
  • Social media marketing (except perhaps creating content as part of a larger project).
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